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We ensure that the necessary AFSA Government documentation is compliant and completed.
We act on your behalf administering the necessary forms and following up matters if required.
Once you agree to our Professional Services and payment arrangements.
Once you agree to our Professional Services and the supporting documents are supplied to us, we undertake a phone interview and submit your application, without and issues with what you have told us, you can be bankrupt within 3-4 days, some case earlier.
Submitting the necessary documentation of bankruptcy can be a little intimidation and daunting, we can complete and send you the documents for checking and signing.
And where you may not have a printer access to one we can send them out to you home address.

We help you through the whole process and keep you updated via the phone and email correspondence.
We also follow-up periodically to see how you are coping and offer any support where needed, even a call for a friendly chat.
We have access to trustees that can offer solutions to guide you, also if you have a complex situation involving many assets and business it is imperative you get good legal advice if a business is having difficulties paying its creditors.