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Use our Online Form Builder that AFSA require you to fill in to go bankrupt, simple and easy.


Bankruptcy has an immediate and positive effect on your life, if you find debt is dragging you under.
Call us and see what can be done!.

It will be one of the best phone calls you will make if your struggling with DEBT.

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Start again....Fresh
Get your life back and on track.

We Can Do It With you​.

Sick and Tired
of getting calls from creditors and debt collectors, and avoiding
numbers you dont know!





Constant stream of mail and the phone calls you avoid!

You want it to stop, and you've had enough!

This is dependent on you providing us with the necessary documents to support your application as we can do it
We can lodge the documents on your behalf.
Ensuring compliance and completion is 100%  correct.
This is one part of the process that needs to be done correctly.
Dont do it alone we can help you and your family even if you want a freindly chat we even have the time for that.
No more calls, take control and you can restart your life again.

There’s probably only one reason why you’re here, being without money each week, cannot service your loans or even pay your bills, each week rolls around and you struggle to get the bare necessities of life; you're arguing with your partner and kids; probably cannot sleep; maybe your health has been affected by your current financial position.
Bankruptcy may be a way to start again fresh, don’t make your debt a burden
Let us manage your burden for you, and we will have you on your feet in no time.
Bankrupt Help we can assist you with find a new way, don’t continue avoiding the mail and phone calls. 

Full Preparation of documents that are required for Bankruptcy.​​
We can on your behalf so you don’t have the worry and stress.

Call us and see what options you have.


My Car
Yes you may be able to keep your car, there is however,some rules.
Can I keep my car if paymnents are up to date?
Yes you can it does however depend on the equity you have.
My Furniture 
Yes in most cases you can keep normal household items.
Can I travel?
Yes you can, you do however need a permission to travel letter.
What about my tools.
Yes you can keep them, again rules apply and $ amount applies.
My Super.
Super is untouched in bankruptcy, its all yours.
CentreLink Overpayments
If there has been a error in your payments and and its a genuine error you may be able to claim.
Fines and Traffic. infringements.
Sorry you cannot claim these.
Quotes from our clients.
You really made the process of bankruptcy, and breeze, I was so worried about it and now I can make a fresh start" G.A WA

"Im so stressed out, I cannot handle the contstant calls can you help me"
Father  of one who is living on the brink we are processing him now. H.A QLD

Can you stop the harrassment, they are now calling my work.Peter G

My Business is going broke, I need to close can you help me.
We are in the process closing the doors" Ian T Ipswich

Please help me I cannot pay my bills and rent, I'm  struggling. Gina J QLD

You deliverd what you told me over the phone, now I can start again.Jan V VIC

Bankruptcy can be done and completed in 24 hours once the AFSA and supporting docmentation is submitted.